About us


Consorzio Terra Mia

“Terra Mia” is the product of a group of entrepreneurs specializing in the hospitality industry of high level to join in a common idea and hospitality, able to convey the potential of each into a reality that expresses an offer complete and on three guidelines strictly related to the Campania territory which are::

I EXPERIENCE, Our Earth, we want to be a point of excellence for tourism linked to culture, art and beautiful scenery..

I CARE Our Care through an impeccable and or development of a line of well-being and body care with the use of natural resources such as thermal baths, mud baths and a completely natural cosmetic line of our design.

I TASTE, The Taste, Our kitchen offering the world of taste through the typical PDO products in all traditional or innovative presentations that their chefs elaborate.

This is us, to welcome you in our Hotel, all of the highest level, an operational and organizational synergy unmatched, able to meet the highest tourist needs with a quality of service, elegance of the structure and integration of the offer without even.